Wrath of the Gods

by Gods of Fire

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released June 30, 2004

Produced by Gods of Fire and Wharton Tiers
Recorded and mixed by Wharton Tiers at Fun City NYC April 2004-June 2004
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music NJ June 2004

Cover art by Graham Reznick




Gods of Fire New York, New York

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Track Name: Welcome to Hell
Looking through the fog
A girl runs in the shadows
Have I seen her before?
Could she be my daughter?
Birds without a voice, keys that make no sound
Take the old man's gold
Awaken the hungry beast
This silence pierces me, I cannot trust my senses
Devour! Consume! Filthy room.
Godless forms inhuman movement
Creations unholy, who wrote the story?

Welcome to Hell
A vision in your mind where the unspeakable dwells
Welcome to Hell
That autonomous construct you lay awake in fevered dreams

I had a wife (Maria)
She'll always be alive to me
I don't remember what I have done
Begone these demons haunting me
In the hospital they sense my presence they come alive
Into the abyss we go
I can't hear my screams

Down the path through Silent Hill
A woman stands alone
She comments on the evil there
Says I must leave at once
Should I grasp these mysteries?
Should I clasp her shroud?
I take her blade and off I go unto this cursed town.
Any who's in my way is blood behind my path
There is no god, there is no love my heart is full of wrath
I start my journey slowly the static is my friend
I hear their voices screaming, children grasping at my leg.
I've got my wits I use my clues, I'm thinking with my head
But every new place on the map leads to a dead end.
Track Name: City of Gold
In 1560 the Incans defeated by Spain
Lost all hope for living, their culture brought to shame
They created a legend a city of gold
A land of untold riches that made their children bold
Gonzalo Pizzaro was not pleased by this
His people, they wanted more, they believed in it
He assembled an army, Spaniards great and strong
Greed was their weakness, arrogance their fall

I am the Wrath of God!
The earth I walk upon sees me and quakes
I am the Wrath of God!
I’m gonna live through this, I know what it takes!

The raft was torn to pieces, fever took hold the slaves
Don Pedro de Ursua took a party to save
Don Lupe de Aguirre, the second in command
Lustful eyes for power, lustful eyes gone mad.
He wanted to rule a kingdom, a city of gold
Delusions, fevered monkeys and death for them all!
Atop of his raft he felt power and resolve
Corpses around him, he believes them all
Visions of El Dorado, a cancer in his brain
The burden of dreams, the dangers in vain.

I am the Wrath of God!
The earth I walk upon sees me and quakes
I am the Wrath of God!
I’m gonna live through this, I know what it takes!
Track Name: Hyperion
A trek across the desert heat to find an ancient artifact
Thru whipping winds lungs choked with sand I stumble in the tombs
Walls warped with alien otherworlds and eerie architecture
I approach the glowing altar
Priceless treasure in my sight.

With a flash of light I feel a buzzing in my brain
The fires singe my spine and nothing is the same

Each day I wake up soon I realize I find myself a slave to time
Floating ever backwards one day younger than before this soon I realize

Cuz I'm trapped!
Trapped in the tombs of time

My journey back through life again
From 30, 20 now to 10
Each day I'm told that I am sick and must stay home from school
My parents both seem ancient now the doctors all have given up
There's nothing in this world for me what else is there to do?

That flash of life forever has changed me
My life is in reverse and now I'm turning three

Fighting and scratching to say outside of the womb.

Track Name: The Long Walk
It’s 8 am, an hour before the show
Can’t turn back now, signed up too long ago
My mom’s real nervous, so is my girlfriend
I tell them, “hey, don’t worry, I’ll see you both again.”

New contest of Ages, our future young men.
One of a hundred will walk till the end.
Raring to rip, third warning don’t trip.
Pick em up, put em down’s the path to the crown.

Out on the halftrack the soldiers take aim.
They pump mighty carbines at boys who’ve gone lame.
He seemed ok just an hour ago.
Now clear his dead ass off the road.

Got to keep pace with the…
The long walk don’t lose your face.
Got to stay alive
To see the others die.
Now you’re my friend
So we’ll walk on forever

Mind is so bleary staggered legs so weary.
Sense of myself is lost somewhere else.
Burrow deep inside the rabbit’s secret lie
He sets the pace of this sadistic race

Out on the halftrack the soldiers take aim.
They murder our freedom a rule of this game.
This figure beckons I see him real clear
Time to sit the end is here

Out on the road the shoe I am wearing develops a tiny hole
Their smug mocking grins, I can’t hold it in, embarrassment takes a small hold
The silhouette of the major appears we salute though we know it’s a sin
Let’s see his sorry ass walk 100’s of miles, lose his own mind, feel so afraid, feeling so
sick, feel so alone, feel all this hate…YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Track Name: Digital Neon
Over the hills, prisoner to her glory
Machines forged from steel, bonded to the night
She cries out to her master, no one caught her listening
She's alone with her thoughts.

On the razor's edge she fell, she got hurt
You can track her time, she knows minds of dirt

Digital Neon burns
Skylines and spectral dawns
Wizardry at work
Then man becomes his God

Fighting off temptation, circuitry and steel
Leather wrapped in nightmares for her to feel
Tied up in deception, waiting to get out
The web casts a shadow, the shadow is her doubt

Magic! It's not magic
It's real!
Track Name: Eternally Strong
Arise my friends your time has come, exquisite melodies.
I kiss your brow and feel your pining, yr secret's safe with me.
I hear your lifeless calling for me and me alone
Upon this hill, ablaze with wonders, I've come to take you home

The power that you seek is in my hands
This legacy stays here you will not understand
My body left to burn is just a shell
How can you kill he who's mastered hell?

Arise! My Friends! You will all be resurrected!
For you, your minds, dismiss these revelations

Eternally strong**

The house has been asleep too long, with stalled activities
So much to do, my soul is wasting, it needs new family
I sense my Great Great Grandson, he means so much to me
His body is a fresh new vessel, to fulfill my destiny

With a blight upon the land, and a curse from my own hand
The villagers can't see how I've destroyed their seed
I've mastered life and death through cruel experiments
They suffer down below, abominations grow
From materials and guards, and words against your God,
They're kept alive on meat, hidden by deceit
The illusions I can throw with words we thought unknown
Allows my soul to thrive without a trace that I'm alive!!
Track Name: Nectar of the Gods
In a storied land not long ago the world was ruled by mighty kings
The people of the earth they danced with glee
Their minds they were wild and free
They sang their songs made their love rejoiced and smiled every day
But then one day a black cloud came
Dark full of hate, looking to slay
Help! Save our kings!
Oh Gods! What can you?

DRINK! From the Nectar of the Gods!
METAL! Will rule the world again!
DRINK! From the Nectar of the Gods!
Give the world its life

So many years have passed us by that black cloud still is ever nigh
With everlasting crimes of hate Mankind seems doomed to a morbid fate
“Oh Foolish Mortals! Can’t you see? In Metal there’s eternity!”
But common man has common site too wrapped up in his daily plight
Help! Save us now!
Oh Gods! What can you do?

DRINK! From the Nectar of the Gods!
METAL! Will rule the world again!
DRINK! From the Nectar of the Gods!
Give the world its life